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09 Our Culture | Our Founders Set the Style
Our Founders
Set the Style
Pascal and
Arnaud’s strong
medical and
personal ethics,
and their passion
for excellence,
have shaped this
company and
the people who
work in it.
The culture within International SOS sets us apart,
and many see this as fundamental to our success.
As this brief history has shown, the company has
been through many changes, but its underlying
service offering has stayed the same. Its culture has
also remained intact – not least because Arnaud
and Pascal are still at the helm and continually
reinforce the ethos that guides us all.
Dr Roger Farrow likens Pascal and Arnaud to the
dominant bee in a beehive, whose influence and
behaviour affects everyone else.
“Just as the queen bee affects and directs the
behaviour of the whole of a beehive, so Pascal and
Arnaud’s strong medical and personal ethics, and
their passion for excellence, have shaped, stamped
and ethically influenced this company and the
people who work in it, continually and irrevocably.”
Right from the start Arnaud and Pascal took on
people who shared their values. Many of them are
still with us today – and very much hands on –
which helps in reinforcing our culture. Likewise
Arnaud and Pascal still find time to talk to staff, ask
questions and offer help. They are genuinely
interested in all aspects of the company, and always
available. As Pascal insists, “Generals must be in the
trenches, on the front line.”
This high level of involvement evokes a very strong
work ethic throughout the company. ‘Passion’ and
‘perfection’ are often heard words, with passion
being one of our four core values. People do work
very hard, but the atmosphere within is equally
relaxed and welcoming. Again this comes from
those early days: Everyone was young, on first name
terms, friendly and helpful to each other, as they
were to our clients.
Of course, with the growth of the company, certain
things have changed. The Founders have had to
delegate far more. Finding the right people to
delegate to, and empowering them, has become one
of the Founders’ key responsibilities, thus ensuring
that the company and its culture stays on track.
— Dr Roger Farrow
Medical evacuation,
Lagos airport,
Nigeria, 2013.


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