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09 Our Culture | A Working Trinity
A Working Trinity
Laurent Sabourin joined the company in 1989, as
Group Managing Director, since when he has been
part of ‘the trinity’ that runs the company. It is the
relationship between these three – consensual
working, constantly communicating – that is seen to
be at the heart of the company’s success. They each
bring a different skillset and each plays a different role:
Arnaud, as Chairman and CEO, provides strategy
and direction – he is the company’s visionary. He is
often described as “extremely smart” with “an
amazing memory”; he is noted for his high level of
engagement with clients, employees and others.
Many claim to be have been “charmed by his
charisma” into joining the company.
Pascal delivers the medical excellence and
embodies the ‘Care’ value of the company. He is
widely respected for his integrity and has a
reputation for being exceedingly calm under
pressure – this was especially important in the early
days when many staff were still inexperienced. He is
seen as “passionate,” “an excellent problem solver”
and noted for his “extremely concise directions.”
Laurent makes sure the company “works on a
day-to-day basis.” Despite the fact that he describes
himself as the “ultimate administrator – the least
interesting person in the company to speak to,” he is
greatly respected inside the company. He is seen as
having “huge energy and able to handle vast amounts
of information with extraordinary attention to detail.”
Arnaud Vaissié: “Laurent joining us a few years from
the start brought a new dimension to the company,
thanks to his analytical skills and extreme intelligence.”
Left: Pascal, Arnaud
and Laurent meeting
with a Vietnamese
Health Minister
delegation – Singapore
December 1996.
Right: Laurent, Arnaud
and Pascal – Singapore
Changi Airport new
office opening – 2013.


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