IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 172

International SOS | From East to West
and Multicultural
I found myself
in Indonesia,
being briefed
by a Texan
and shown
round by a
Frenchman –
— Gregoire Pinton
A multinational
workforce in action:
Assistance Centre
team transmission
briefing, Beijing,
China, January 2014.
Our company is a child of globalisation. Started
by two Frenchmen in Asia, it has always been
consciously multicultural; indeed, the mix of
international skills, experiences and languages
was its selling point. That diversity remains,
at all levels of the company, today.
As Arnaud and Pascal hired new people they
favoured those who had grown up or lived and
worked abroad, especially if that was in Asia.
We also attracted people who wanted to work in
different – and often challenging – environments.
But despite this multicultural approach, there was a
clear determination not to be ‘colonialist’ – in every
location we have always worked closely with
nationals and our national partners have been vital
to the success of the business.
Gregoire Pinton: “Soon after I joined I found myself
in Indonesia, the boss was an Indonesian lady
doctor, I was reporting to a Texan and was shown
around by a Frenchman. It was truly international!”


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