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Business can
be good.
— Arnaud Vaissié
Fact No. 30
Our employees worldwide
comprise more than
60 nationalities.
Supporting Others
Our business is about helping others. Our expertise
in healthcare and education also makes a difference
in our workplace, and in our surrounding
communities. Our emphasis on healthcare in the
workplace includes a commitment to reduce illness,
accidents and injuries. We encourage our staff to
get appropriate vaccinations for travel, and partake
in preventative health measures. All employees,
whether or not they are medical professionals, are
required to undergo CPR and defibrillation training.
This essential training has saved many lives.
We support a number of charities. Our work with
the North Sumatra Relief Fund has already been
mentioned. Another charity is A Child’s Dream,
established in 2003, dedicated to helping children in
the Mekong valley in Thailand and Cambodia who
suffered in the humanitarian crises. From our local
offices we have helped build nurseries, schools,
vocational training centres and colleges. In addition,
we have provided support to healthcare
programmes such as the Children’s Medical Fund.
Our support for the International SOS Foundation
aims to encourage others to improve the safety,
security, health and welfare of their workforces.
Our environmental and sustainability polices reflect
our continuing commitment to protect our planet.
Our employees and individual offices support a
wide range of projects including tree plantings,
charity walks and runs, and a variety of fundraising
events. In the healthcare arena many are actively
involved in promoting blood pressure and other
health checks, as well as giving wellness talks to
local schools and other community groups.
Arnaud Vaissié: “Business can be good.”
Left: Passion, Expertise,
Respect and Care are
our shared company
values across the world.
Right: Taking care of an
injured patient, Lagos
clinic, Nigeria, 2013.


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