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International SOS | From East to West
First Alarm Centre
(now called an Assistance
Centre), Prapanca,
Jakarta, Indonesia.
Fact No. 1
We now have more than
11,000 employees, of whom
half are medical professionals.
People telling
us it would fail
inspired us to
carry on.
— Arnaud Vaissié
Our Clients
Our Services
In the early days a large proportion of our clients
were international oil and mining companies, such as
Schlumberger and BP. Word soon spread and their
contractors began to seek our services too, as did
companies from other industries and sectors; one such
company was Alstom. For our corporate clients we
created a range of membership packages offering
different levels of service. Tourists and other individuals
could also call us for advice or visit the clinics.
Then, as now, anyone needing assistance would
first call our Assistance Centre. This could be for a
variety of medical reasons: To seek simple medical
advice, for example about what medication to take,
arrange a house call, or in more extreme cases seek
medical transportation. Callers also sought advice
on non-medical matters, such as how to replace a
lost passport. We have always been willing to help
callers with basic advice whether or not they are
official members.
Membership was open to all, but to begin with only
foreign companies and visitors would attend – and it
was towards them that we targeted our services.
Recent years have seen the emergence of a middle
class looking for better care in Indonesia. This has
altered the demographics; more than 60% of people
attending our Jakarta clinics now are nationals.
The Jakarta Assistance Centre has been involved
in helping people in numerous major incidents over
the years: The Jakarta bombings and civil unrest,
plane crashes, the tsunami, the Bali bombing and
many others. These are covered in more detail in
later chapters.
Consistent with our principle that the patient comes
first, we did not turn anyone away. Doctors are
doctors and if anyone called for advice, or came to
the clinic with cuts and bruises or similar ailments,
they would be attended to, whether or not they
were members. That spirit of compassion, and
positive energy, instilled by Pascal and Dr Inge
remains at our heart today.
Although non-emergency calls have always made
up the bulk of our calls, the ability to deal with
emergencies has been a selling point throughout
our history. Pascal’s knowledge of emergency
assistance gave us a leading edge in those early
days. We stabilised patients on-site, or in the clinic
emergency room, and, if needed, transported
them to the best hospitals.
Dr Inge: “There are no favourite clients.
All patients are equal.”
Adriaan Jacobsz: “The patient–centred, medicallyled, 24/7 concept instilled in our Jakarta clinic by
Pascal has been the model we have since applied
all over the world.”
Jakarta City,
Indonesia, c. 2010.


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