IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 184

We would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to be interviewed
and the many others who assisted in the research of this book.
Clients, Associates & Subsidiaries
Geri Achsan, HSE Manager, Pertamina | Dr Morrison Bethea, Senior Vice President and Medical
Director, Freeport | Mayor Jacques Chirac, Mayor of Paris, France | Prof Dr Lisbeth Claus, Professor
of Global Human Resources, Willamette University | Dr Paul Davis, Medical Rescue International |
Bernard Emié, French Ambassador to Great Britain | Richard Fenning, CEO, Control Risks
| Claude A Giroux, Founder, International SOS Assistance | Dr David Gold, Senior Consultant to the
International SOS Foundation | Bai Jai Fu, Chairman, Beijing Red Cross and Former Vice Mayor of
Beijing | Mr Xi Jinping, Honorary President of National Red Cross, and President of China |
Joan Sullivan Garrett, Founder of MedAire | Dr Ernest Ideh, Warri | Mayor Boris Johnson, Mayor
of London, UK | Dr Jean Michel Lichtenberger, Founder of Service Medical International
| Mrs Sarangerel Luvsanvandan, Director of Medica Mogolia LLC | Mr Andrew Lye, GM Operations,
Rio Tinto, Madagascar and Mrs Andrew Lye | Dr Benjamin Atua Matindi, Director, National Malaria
Control Programme, Ministry of Health, Kinshasa, DRC | Mr James R Moffet, Chairman of Freeport
| Philippe Pelegrin, Banker, Singapore | Mr Endang Ruchijat, Chief Executive Officer, Kaltim Prima
Coal | Robert Schroeder, Vice President, Freeport, Indonesia | Dr Alan Fatay Williams, Lagos |
Mr Wang Wei, Head of Beijing Olympic Bid Team | Philippa Wyber, Medical Director of American
Hospital | Dr Zhang Xizeng, retired, formerly Director, Beijing Red Cross | Dr Bob Yellowe, Nigerian
Medical Partner, Service Medical International | Noel Zuniga, Patient
International SOS
Dr Paulo Alves, Global Medical Director, Aviation Health | Philippe Arnaud, Group Chief Commercial
Officer | Dr Laurent Arnulf, Group Medical Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa | Lyn Baczocha,
Health Services Manager, IHMS | Dr Philippe Barrault, Group Medical Director, Asia | Sue Beddy,
Neonatal Flight Nurse, Air Rescue Africa | Cédric Beguin, Deputy Senior Operations Manager,
Southern Europe | Kai Boschmann, Group General Manager, Marketing and Communications |
Kathleen Bree, Technical Advisor, Cipete Clinic | David Cameron, Chief Security Officer, Corporate
LCIS | Lucas Cohen, Security Director, Southern & Central Europe | Dr Ian Cornish, retired, formerly
CEO, Air Rescue International & Assistance Travel | Mark Crawford, Group Deputy Director, Medical
Services | Hien Dang, Group Business Development Director, Cross Border & Globalisation |
Tim Daniel, Group Executive Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances | Dr Rene de Jongh,
Regional Medical Director, Assistance and Projects | Michel de Ponteves, Technical Advisor,
General Management, Indonesia | Patrick Deroose, Group General Manager, Corporate Assistance


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