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International SOS | From East to West
It’s not about being a business
or making a profit. It’s about keeping
the spirit of being doctors and helping
— Dr Inge
Over time the range of services we provided
broadened considerably. Our Jakarta clinics now
offer dentistry, a paediatric practice, a diabetic clinic,
a well-woman clinic, a weight-control clinic and
acupuncture. The Cipete clinic has an area set aside
to carry out health checks for client company staff
members, as part of their healthcare programmes.
In addition, anyone going to the US requires a health
check as part of their visa application; we are the
sole provider of this service in Jakarta.
Dr Inge trained as a doctor in Germany
then went back to Indonesia to
undergo her ‘adaptation’ for her
Indonesian medical qualification.
She was very concerned about the
poor state of healthcare in Indonesia
at the time. She decided to try to
change the system by going into
politics. She was elected as a Member
of Parliament which was a great
achievement for a woman at that time.
However, she found it hard to make
substantial changes to the system, so
decided to make a difference through
her medical practice instead.
The Jakarta clinics now see around 7,500 patients
per month in total, with around 5,000-6,000 visiting
the Cipete clinic. Around 20% of our patients are
Japanese and there is a special desk staffed by
Japanese speakers to welcome and help them.
For non-Indonesian patients, English is the default
language and our multicultural staff offer many other
languages between them. Adriaan Jacobsz says:
“The equipment in our Indonesian clinics and
the services provided by our teams there are
outstanding. Visitors frequently comment that the
standard is higher than anything they have seen
in their home countries. The same is true of our
clinics across the world.”
Our Training
One of the early challenges was to find enough
quality staff to deliver services to our very high
standards. Our Jakarta training centre was
established to train people, to international standards,
to work in our clinics and our clients’ remote
locations. We train nurses, paramedics and doctors,
before they are sent on-site and on an ongoing basis.
This training and quality control has often been the
deciding factor in persuading companies to
outsource their services to us. We cover every detail
of how to equip and organise a remote clinic room
and how to use the latest emergency equipment.
We also offer many courses on first aid at different
levels, plus medical evacuation training.
Because ours was a unique service we had to train
people to do the job; then they were often poached
by our clients, hospitals and other healthcare and
assistance providers. This is still a challenge, but as
Dr Inge says: “It is frustrating to train people up then
lose them, but it’s flattering too. It shows we are
training them well!”
Dr Inge has come across people all over the world,
working in healthcare, who once worked for us.
It makes her happy that they are contributing and
that we helped them on their journey.
Dr Inge: “I feel as if we have made a difference to
healthcare standards in a way that my being a
politician could never deliver. I hope we stay known
as the company that helps people when they are in a
medically unlucky situation. It’s not about being a
business or making a profit. It’s about keeping the
spirit of being doctors and helping people.”


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