IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 21

Children’s waiting area,
Jakarta Cipete Clinic,
Indonesia, 2007.
Fact No. 2
We provided 395,000
consultations in our primary
care clinics in 2013.
Our First Flagship Premises
At the very start of operations in late 1984 the team
was based in a room in Jakarta Hospital. The next
base was in a small house in Jalan Prapanca Raya,
in South Jakarta, where we set up our first
Assistance Centre and clinic.
In 1988 Dr Inge was going to lunch with Arnaud
when they walked past a plot of land for sale.
Dr Inge thought it would be the perfect site for a
bigger and better clinic. Used to the business habit
of renting rather than buying, Arnaud tried to
dissuade her, but Dr Inge was determined. She went
to her bank and, using a certain amount of charm
and cheek, suggesting she knew the manager rather
well, she managed to get an appointment with him.
Despite having no idea what a balance sheet was,
she told the bank manager she was a doctor, wanted
to build a clinic and needed some money. Intrigued,
the manager asked to meet with someone who
actually understood finance. Arnaud provided the
requisite information and the manager lent the
money to buy what was to become Clinic Cipete.
Later the bank manager told Dr Inge he knew she
must be honest as she did not even pretend to know
anything about finances.
Dr Inge’s cousin in Germany was an architect, and
when she was in Germany Dr Inge worked with her
cousin on various designs. Using this experience, and
with help from friends and family, Dr Inge made a
model of the clinic she wanted. She showed the
model to Arnaud who was very impressed with it.
The project went ahead with Dr Inge closely involved
throughout. She visited the site every morning and
afternoon, to check progress and scrutinise every
detail; she monitored the quality and quantity of all
incoming supplies and inspected each stage of the
building works. The works were finally completed in
1991 and the team moved in.
Business continued to grow and soon bigger
premises were needed. As a result of the financial
crisis in 1998, a plot of land next door to the Cipete
clinic became available and Dr Inge bought it. As
times were politically unsettled it wasn’t until 2007
that everyone felt ready to make the commitment to
invest in building the extended clinic and offices we
occupy today.
In 1985 we opened another clinic in Kuningan, in the
heart of the business area. It is open Monday to
Friday and Saturday mornings, and like the Cipete
clinic it is equipped to the highest possible standards.
The Cipete site houses our clinic, Assistance Centre
and offices and is seen by all as a most impressive
set up. In addition to the huge business operation
and high tech equipment it houses, upstairs
bedrooms are provided for female duty managers
staying overnight, and the rooftop room can be hired
out by staff for weddings and parties, in return for a
small contribution to charity. The café serves 1,000
meals a day. We have certainly grown a lot since
those early days.


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