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02 Remote Locations | Learning to Adapt
Learning to Adapt
Dr Myles Neri was passionate about providing
quality medical services to remote sites right from
the outset. He believed the early work with Rio Tinto
and KPC was absolutely fundamental:
“It taught us a vast amount about remote working
and what these large companies needed. We gained
credibility through working with the world’s largest
mining company and became a reference point for
something new. We demonstrated to companies the
value of providing quality medical services to look
after their dependent populations and host
communities. Outsourcing was to become a real
option for these companies.”
Myles initially trained in Australia in
specialist surgery. He was attracted to
the dynamic medical, entrepreneurial
and multicultural environment of AEA.
He worked closely with Pascal in the
early days in Jakarta until the mid 1990s
when he moved to London and focused
his attention on developing remote site
medical services around the world
and health consulting opportunities.
It was an incredibly busy time. On the back of our
growing reputation, other major companies (such as
BHP and Newmont) engaged us too. Rio Tinto took
us to other project sites (Kelian Gold Mine in
Kalimantan) and other countries (Madagascar and
Papua New Guinea), as did our other clients.
Accompanying and partnering our clients in new
locations to support their health needs became a
central feature of our business expansion.
We also worked out the optimum way of building
and equipping the clinics. As we have seen,
Mike Hancock was heavily involved in Vietnam
in the early 1990s setting up mobile clinics for
oil industry clients.
We learnt what our customers needed and how to
manage the complicated regulatory environment of
permits and licences. We developed the skills to work
with local partners and relevant authorities to get
the job done. In short, we delivered a fully integrated
service appropriate to the particular environment.
Myles reflects:
“Our clients held our hands and moved us on.
We all taught each other and grew the services
together. The time was right, outsourcing was in
vogue and we became the pioneer in our field to
deliver high quality international standard medical
services in partnership with our clients. But as
ever, their trust in us was always based on our
commitment to quality and the confidence
of our prior performance.”
We also began working with oil companies in their
remote sites. They were more regulated than the
mining industry, but had exactly the same needs, so
again we had to quickly learn how to deliver what
they wanted in line with all applicable regulations.
Dealing with such huge projects in challenging
locations required a lot of resources. This meant
recruiting and developing national medical staff to
treat the large national populations on the sites. We
set up a training centre in Jakarta to help the medical
staff learn the special requirements of working in
these locations, and ensure they reached the
standards required by us and our client companies.
Left: Medical Training Centre
in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2008.


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