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02 Remote Locations | What Our Clients Say
International SOS sets the standards
in this industry from end-to-end.
— Geri Achsan
Family Friendly
Andrew Lye works as General
Manager Operations for Rio Tinto at
their site near Fort Dauphin,
Madagascar. He lives in the expat
community with his wife Judith and
their two boys, Marcus, aged 11, and
Aidan, aged 9. They come from
Australia and this is their first posting
abroad. Madagascar is one of the
poorest countries on earth and it has
been a major adjustment for the
whole family, but an exciting one.
With two small children to look after,
the availability of adequate healthcare
support is a must. This is provided by
International SOS and both Andrew
and Judith speak warmly of their
experience. They have had many trips
to the Rio Tinto on-site clinic, run by
International SOS, and their mobile
App means they can contact an
English speaking doctor at any time
of day and night. This has given them
huge piece of mind. Judith adds:
“We know people who have had
medical transports to Johannesburg.
These happen quickly and efficiently
– no one ever questions if it’s
necessary. It’s really good to know
that extra back up is there.”
Both agree that without the
International SOS service they
would not have made the move to
Madagascar. As Andrew puts it:
“It’s a great security blanket.”


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