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International SOS | From East to West
Fact No. 5
Community service at
Freeport site, West
Papua, Indonesia, 2005.
The largest site we support
has over 20,000 workers.
Robert Schroeder, VP Freeport Indonesia, recalls
that over the years we have worked together to deal
with many challenges. There have been major mass
casualties, traffic accidents, floods, landslides and a
whole array of medical emergencies. He believes
that our medical evacuations, complete with escort
doctors, have saved a number of lives. Our doctors
and medical staff have always been on hand to help
in such situations, and as he says, “This wasn’t what
they signed up for, but they always responded
Dr Bethea adds that every time we have been called
out to retrieve a patient, if that patient was alive
when we arrived, the patient survived: A record he
describes as “phenomenal.”
During a recent major underground mine collapse,
which fell on a training room causing multiple
fatalities and badly injuring many others, we
immediately started stabilising the injured and
worked closely with the mine’s rescue teams. Robert
Schroeder says: “International SOS did a fantastic
job. We couldn’t have asked more of them. It was a
difficult time in difficult conditions and required
great professionalism.”
The malaria control programme involves
distributing insecticide-treated bed nets to more
than 10,000 households around the mining site,
spraying insecticides in nearly 55,000 residential
rooms annually, plus improved drainage control
and maintenance. This outstanding programme
has won international recognition and many prizes.
Dr Bethea is equally pleased with the broader service
we provide in support of Freeport’s occupational
health and extensive CSR commitments. Our
occupational health agenda includes carrying out
check-ups for workers, and compiling, analysing
and reporting data on health trends.
Freeport received the Global Business Coalition
Award for Best Medical programme in 2012. The
GBC Health Awards celebrate the best corporate
programmes addressing global health needs.
Our malaria prevention and HIV programmes with
Freeport have also won awards and ILO recognition.
In 2013 Freeport’s Congo project won a further
GBC award for its clean water programmes
which have eradicated cholera and water borne
infections from the surrounding villages.
We have also worked with Freeport to reduce the
very high levels of tuberculosis in communities
around its projects. Other public health education
projects include lectures and seminars promoting
Dr Morrison Bethea (at centre) with
International SOS medical staff, Freeport
clinic, West Papua, Indonesia, 2005.
safe sex, explaining the dangers of HIV/AIDS and
other sexually transmitted diseases. Health risks,
such as raised blood pressure, high cholesterol
and obesity are being addressed too, along with
help to stop smoking.
This broad range of health promotion activities
has become a reference point for us with our
EMI clients worldwide.
Dr Myles Neri: “It has been a privilege to partner
Dr Bethea and Freeport, and with them share a
vision and common purpose which has led to the
establishment of the world’s finest mining company
medical services. Freeport oversaw and worked
closely with us to design, implement and execute
these immense medical infrastructure projects
and we ae very proud of what this partnership
has achieved.”
Robert Schroeder: “International SOS’ professionalism
and knowledge of what’s needed, plus Freeport’s
willingness to provide the infrastructure, has been a
winning combination. Over the years a lot of very
good doctors have been supporting us and together
we have overcome many challenges. The service has
continued to grow and change with our needs. It’s a
great relationship.”
Dr Bethea: “International SOS continues to deliver
wonderful healthcare and public health to our
company. I would not change a thing they do.”
Right: Freeport mine
site, West Papua,
Indonesia, 2006.


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