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02 Remote Locations | Notable Oil & Gas Projects
Notable Oil & Gas
Servicing remote locations
has become a big part
of our business.
Fact No. 6
We provide on-site medical
staffing and assistance on
over 250 oil rigs.
Chad-Cameroon Pipeline project
The Kara Sea project
A complicated project, for a consortium headed
by Exxon Mobil. A pipeline was being built from
Southern Chad to Cameroon. It involved drilling
300 production wells, and constructing pumping
stations at intervals along the pipeline which passes
through five climatic and environmental zones.
We provided medical staffing, medical assistance,
security assistance and medical transports. Ten
clinics were operating during the four year
construction phase and 150 of our people were
employed there. Dr Laurent Arnulf was team leader.
As a French speaker and doctor he was ideally
suited to procure the medical partners and
resources needed, and build the right relationships.
Laurent observed: “Our 15 years experience in
helping companies establish remote site medical
facilities really came into play on this project. Our
medical staff delivered solutions based on a
combination of their medical expertise and their
hands-on experience of dealing with the complex
logistics of setting up multiple sites and working
with multiple operators.”
This is another Exxon Mobil project, carried out
as a joint venture with the Russian oil company
Rosneft. It is the most complicated and expensive
drilling programme ever. The Kara Sea is one of
the most challenging environments in the world.
The project involves a semi-submersible drilling rig
attended by 13 support vessels and 2,000 workers.
In nine weeks we mobilised a team of 40 Russian
and international medical staff, plus advanced
medical equipment including telemedicine and
tele-radiology. The project is supported by our
London and Moscow Assistance Centres, our Dubai
medical services platform and the Houston Office:
Our global reach supporting a single project.
Left: Workers offshore oil rig.
This extensive Exxon Mobil project includes a gas
field in the highlands with a pipeline passing
through the lowlands and under the sea to a gas
refinery in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Given
the health and safety risks, exposure to infectious
diseases, and the overall complexity of the project,
we were chosen as sole service provider – again
thanks to our history and reputation. The project
began in 2009 and became our largest field project
to date. At its height 50 expats and 300 national
staff members were involved, looking after a
population of 18,000 employees and dependents,
and running between 22 and 35 clinics and field
hospitals at different stages. In late 2014 the project
was nearing completion and we continue to deliver
the medical services during the production phase.
As we have seen, much of this expansion derived
from our reputation based on past performance.
The acquisition of International SOS Assistance
in 1998 opened some new doors. In 2009, our
acquisition of Abermed, a UK-based provider of
occupational health and remote medical services
to the energy sector, further extended our
geographical presence.
Today we look after more than 800 remote
locations, from providing a single paramedic on
an oil rig to fully staffed hospitals. Medical services
support the world’s major oil service, construction
and mining companies and now we are extending
this expertise into government and UN
environments. As Pascal says:
“Much of this is down to the hard work and vision of
Dr Myles Neri. Right from the start and still today, he
helps our client companies realise the importance of
quality health care, which encourages them to partner
with International SOS.”


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