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03 Beijing and Beyond | First Steps
Fact No. 7
Our remote sites include places as
geographically diverse as Omsk in far
North East Russia, the Mauritanian
Sahara desert, Lihir in Papua New Guinea,
and Arequipa in the Peruvian Andes.
Attracting tourists was another desire of the
government and again we were happy to help. In
1993 we established a co-operation with the National
Tourism Administration of The People’s Republic of
China whereby they could refer tourists in need of
assistance services to our Assistance Centre.
As well as building our client base we needed to
deliver an excellent service. When Dr Myles
Druckman joined the company in 1996 he was given
the task of managing the Assistance Centre and
improving the service offered by the Beijing clinic.
General family medicine was still in its infancy at
this time so Myles focused on developing the
services at the Beijing clinic, encouraging the
doctors to build up their own practice: A unique
offering for its time. At its inception this clinic had
just three rooms. Myles worked on setting up a
larger clinic in mid 1999. This was an entire building
with 25 examination rooms – a huge project which
paid off very quickly as client demand soon made
this one too small as well.
We also developed a Chinese doctor training
programme – to create both world-class family
practice doctors and those who could work
independently in a remote setting. These were
the first ‘emergency’ doctors in China. We created
a comprehensive internal training programme
so that our young Chinese doctors could ultimately
build their own local practices. Today, many of our
former Chinese doctors run their own practices,
and a number have been recruited by global
corporations as Medical Directors. We are delighted
that our China medical staff alumni have played a
key role in improving the practice of primary
medical care in China.
With oil and gas companies rapidly expanding there
was increasing demand for clinics on remote sites.
Myles took a road show to universities to attract
English speaking young doctors. He consciously
selected young doctors as it was essential to get
staff who would be comfortable following the strict
treatment protocols which we were creating for
clinics in remote locations.
Left: The facilities at our Beijing clinic
have undergone many changes and the
team has continued to grow. Here is
our nursing team in January 2014.


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