IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 59

04 Globalisation and Growth | Expansion
Fact No. 9
We care for clients across
the globe, from more than
700 locations in 89 countries.
Sydney office reception,
Australia, 2010.
A key feature of our company is that, although
started by two Frenchmen, it was firmly established
in Asia. It grew up and expanded in the East and
then moved West.
We have seen how the company began, offering
assistance and clinical services, especially to expats
and business travellers, in places where healthcare
standards were low and in remote client locations.
Driven very much by client needs we continued to
open clinics and Assistance Centres in new places.
Space does not us allow us to cover every opening,
but each one was special in its own way.
At the same time we developed a presence, albeit
small at first, in developed countries where our clients
were based. We spent time building relationships with
the Energy, Mining & Infrastructure (EMI) companies
who needed our services in their remote locations;
we also sold our services to insurance companies
who had policy holders travelling to, or living in,
Asia who might be in need of assistance.
By the late 1990s we had a good foothold in
Asia. For some time it was a niche offering, any
competition was local and no one could match
our depth and breadth of service. But gradually
other assistance companies began to compete in
those markets and their quality of service began
to improve. We needed to start competing on
global terms with a presence outside Asia.


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