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04 Globalisation and Growth | Africa
As we developed our remote locations in Asia
a number of our clients were also opening up
operations in Africa. This gave us an opportunity
to offer our services there too.
A major entry point was Nigeria, with the acquisition
of Service Medical International (SMI) being seen as
a Major Milestone.
Another key acquisition, in August 2000, was
Medical Rescue International (MRI) which specialised
in medical staffing and consultations for the oil,
gas, mining and construction industries, founded
by Dr Paul Davis. MRI had a staff of 200 medics,
paramedics and nurses operating in 21 African
countries, including remote sites in Botswana,
Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland and
Mali. As well as a strong client base, MRI brought
with it good contacts with governments and
NGOs, a growing area of interest for us.
Among some of the client projects we have serviced
in the African continent are:
Fact No. 10
We have delivered over
600 remote evacuation
plans for sites in deserts,
jungles, forests, sub-arctic
tundra, on mountains and
offshore installations.
Left: Medical evacuation training,
Tau Tona gold mine, South Africa, 2007.

A sea defence project in Ghana
A telecoms infrastructure project in the DRC
A gold mining company in Tanzania
An offshore production platform in Angola
An aluminium smelting plant in Mozambique
A major road construction project in
A zinc mine in Namibia
A major dam construction in Lesotho
An aluminium smelting plant in South Africa
A gold mine in South Africa
In 2014 we entered a strategic alliance with the West
African Rescue Association (WARA). WARA runs a
number of highly regarded clinics, operates 24 hour
emergency rescue services in the form of both
ground and air ambulances, and provides medical
support services on remote sites. By joining forces
we were able to offer the best of both organisations
to benefit our respective clients.
As Olivier Ryder explains: “Our partnership with
WARA reaffirms our joint commitment to the West
African Region, a growing investment destination
for our clients.”
Our operations in Africa have been supported by our
growing business in South Africa. The development of
the air ambulance service in South Africa is described
in ‘Leading the Way in South Africa’. It also made a
name for itself in training on-site doctors for our
clients. A number of our staff in Johannesburg had
teaching backgrounds plus lots of A&E, ICU and air
ambulance experience. They developed a series of
teaching modules including occupational health,
emergency care training and offshore survival
training. Trainees were registered as students with the
South Africa Medical and Dental Council which meant
they could get hands-on experience, something that
is not usually available to foreigners. This was another
example of making the most of our networks and
spotting an opportunity.
The South Africa team also worked on sourcing
reliable supplies of drugs and equipment for the
African countries. Experience had shown that places
such DRC, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique
lacked infrastructure which made it very difficult to
source medical supplies. The logical solution was
to control the entire supply chain – an approach we
have applied elsewhere.


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