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04 Globalisation and Growth
04 |Globalisation
Acquiring International
and GrowthSOS
| Going
HUMAN TOUCH.’ perfectly
describes our capability and
culture, then and today.
— Nick Peters
Fact No. 11
On any given day, members
call our Assistance Centres
eight times per minute.
Equal thought went into the visual elements of the
logo and how the International SOS name appeared.
As a healthcare company we had to demonstrate
our very close proximity to our clients and at the
same time underline our global capabilities. After
much deliberation the ‘globe’ was adopted as part of
the logo. A series of graduated lines, it represented
both our international presence and our speed
of response. The italic text of International SOS
was chosen to “demonstrate movement and
confidence but also conservatism.”
Implementing the new name and logo, and changing
all the collateral worldwide was a major exercise.
A series of launch events to celebrate this new
phase in the company’s history was held around
the world. The first took place in the Singapore HQ
on 22 September 2006 with a gathering for
employees and clients.
International SOS Assistance's Geneva office, mid 1990s.
The acquisition did take some adjustment internally.
Embracing what some once saw as the enemy was
difficult for a few, plus offices had to be closed
where both companies were present in the same
city. Selecting which office to shut could be a
challenge, as Pascal pointed out: “It was sometimes
difficult to decide and there were passionate people
on both sides.”
Even some of our clients were a little surprised by
the acquisition but they soon appreciated the broader
service they could now expect. It was disruptive,
and it was a huge investment, but it proved to be
well worth it. As Arnaud said at the time:
“This has been the most dynamic year in our
company’s history. We now have a very large
presence in the US and Europe. This is the year we
became the undisputed number one in our field.”


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