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04 Globalisation and Growth | TRICARE Overseas Program
Major Milestone
TRICARE Overseas Program:
Our major contract with the US
Department of Defense
TRICARE is an integrated, global healthcare
programme of the United States Department of
Defense Military Health System. TRICARE provides
health benefits for military personnel, military
retirees, and their dependents; globally it has more
than nine million healthcare beneficiaries. We have
been involved in this programme as far back as 1998
when we provided services to the US Military in the
Asia Pacific region. By 2002, International SOS was
operating three major contracts with TRICARE:
In Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
On 16 October 2009 International SOS was awarded
the contract to provide healthcare support services
for the US Department of Defense TRICARE
Overseas Program. The new contract extended our
services to all military bases outside the US. Today,
we provide medical care and case management,
network management, education, enrolment, claims
processing, and 24/7 customer service for nearly
500,000 active duty personnel, retirees and
dependents. The service spans more than 207
countries and territories.
Sandy Johnson led the TRICARE team from the
start and saw it as a very important step:
Dedicated TRICARE Regional Service Center teams
at our bases in Philadelphia, London and Singapore
are on call 24/7 to manage and support these
services. These teams include 250 International
SOS staff, specialists in customer service, medical
case management, provider relationship
management, and logistics. The programme
management office is in Philadelphia.
“TRICARE put us on the road to understanding how
you deliver and structure such services and the
different nuances involved in building partnerships
with governments.”
TRICARE is another example of how our business
has expanded over the years. As we exceeded the
Department of Defense’s expectations, they wanted
to expand these services. In 2003, the three
contracts were combined into one, called TRICARE
Global Remote Overseas. This included supporting
US military personnel serving in Consulates and
Embassies in approximately 240 locations around
the world.
The TRICARE Overseas Program is now a very
significant part of our business. For those who
provide the service it is also very rewarding.
Sandy Johnson: “The hundreds of thank you
notes and emails, as well as the excellent ratings
we receive from our TRICARE customers, continue
to inspire us in the work we do each day.”
Kelley Harar: “We are very proud to serve the
US Military’s heroes and their families and we
are strong because of our global staff.”
Left: US Army soldiers in front of
the new European headquarters of the
US Army in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim,
Germany 2012. Credit: dpa/Corbis.


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