IntlSOS 30 Years - From East to West - Page 85

05 A Changing World | Disasters and Diseases
Disasters and Diseases
Fact No. 13
We have more than
10,000 clients including
multinational companies,
governments and NGOs.
Right from the start, the development of our
business was very much driven by us responding to
the needs of our clients. In turn those needs were
often driven by external events. The early years of
the new millennium brought with them a series of
pandemics and natural disasters, and new forms
of security threats. Each one brought a different
challenge and the way we responded further
enhanced our reputation.
2009 Swine flu H1N1
Japan on alert.
As described in ‘Our Air Ambulance Service’ during
the 1990s we built our ability to evacuate patients
quickly and effectively from diverse and distant
places. In the early years those medical transports
tended to be of a single patient. The mass evacuation
from Bali in 1993 gave us the experience in dealing
with larger numbers. What was to follow added a
whole new dimension to our service delivery.


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