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05 A Changing World | Jakarta Unrest
It was a very intense and emotional
experience for all of us, it was a tragic
situation and it involved our own people.
— Arnaud Vaissié
During 2003 and beyond many other events
triggered calls for mass evacuations:
West Africa, 2003
We helped clients throughout a series of events
in Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Burundi, Sao Tome,
Mauritania, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau.
Jakarta, 5 August, 2003
The Jakarta Marriott Hotel bombing killed 12
and wounded 150. We helped 27 members and
many others.
Jakarta, 9 September, 2004
A bombing outside the Australian embassy in
Jakarta killed nine and injured 180. Again we were
there to give emergency help wherever needed.
Lebanon-Israel conflict, July 2006
350 members were evacuated out of the battle
zone in nine days.
In each case, as well as carrying out the evacuations,
we kept clients informed about the local security
conditions, helped assess their risk exposure, provided
advice and developed contingency plans. By 2003,
50% of our corporate clients were subscribing to our
combined medical and security plans, twice as many
as before 9/11. Today this is the norm.
We put more effort into raising awareness of security
issues and our security risk assessments became
very popular. The security side of our business was
growing and the Founders felt we needed to build
our capacity further. This led to another Major
Milestone – our joint venture with Control Risks.


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