Legacy Book 10 08 - Page 4

Renovation of New Metro &
Cleveland Hope Exchange Location
Journey Church and The Cleveland Hope Exchange are praying and
preparing to meet opportunity at a new location in the Clark-Fulton
neighborhood. At this location we hope to:
•Provide a new location for our Metro Campus (with parking)
• Establish a permanent location and training center for The
Cleveland Hope Exchange
• Pioneer a Career Development Program in partnership with a
Christian Owned Call Center
Renovation of New Metro &
Cleveland Hope Exchange
Location : $1,000,000
1,850 volunteers
10,033 people se
1,200 groceries
3,750 letters of
the plan
Launch a new campus and Hope Exchange
location in Huron, Ohio
The new Huron location is already reaching the needs of the
community through a successful food pantry, and its launch will
enable Journey Church to make new disciples who love God more
and love more people.
Huron Renovation : $350,000
Maintaining the
Campus updates, improvements, & repairs
At our Fairview Park and Avon campuses we’ll be making updates and
improvements including a new roof at Fairview Park and additional
parking at Avon.
Fairview Park Roof : $100,000
Avon Parking: $50,000

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