Legacy Book 10 08 - Page 6

COVID-19 has pushed the church
forward in ways that we don’t yet
fully understand. What we do know
is that people are consuming more
information than they ever have
before, and they are doing it online
and in a digital format. Journey
Church is called to make disciples in
every space and every new frontier.
We’re called to help lead people
from being consumers of
information to become disciples
who have applied what they’ve
learned. The Legacy Offering will
help us to expand our digital
footprint and continue to create new
and innovative ways to move people
through a digital discipleship
110 Online Salvations and 480
Online weekly attendance increased from
85 to over 6,700 people per week.
Over 23,000 views fron 45 states
and 16 countries
Helping people take their
next step towards loving God
more and loving more people
means leveraging technology
to help make it possible.
the plan

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