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Living As One is equipment and programming that gives us the ability to
broadcast from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world, as long
as we have internet. Our world is more connected than ever, and
purchasing Living As One accelerates our ability to launch new campuses
and reach more people. It also gives us access to a network of churches
who utilize the same technology. Through a DVR feature on this platform
we’ll be able to begin sharing resources like guest speakers, conferences
and seminars, bringing powerful words to the people of God at Journey
Living as One: $30,000
Mobile Broadcast
We can’t capture content fast enough. Having a mobile studio that can go
anywhere increases our speed and efficiency, and also gives our teams
the ability to produce more content. A mobile set up will also allow us to
continue our “Virtual” Lobbies that we’ll be able to air live on Sunday
mornings from any campus as our Online campus continues to grow.
Mobile Broadcast Studio: $15,000
the plan
Trained-up studio
The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we
discover, develop and deploy leaders. Through
the purchase of a special training program,
Journey will have the ability to transition the
training and development of our servant
leaders to a digital platform. This will also
enable the leadership of Journey Church to
share their heart and vision in a more personal
and accessible way. The Trained-Up Studio
will help to capture all of this content and
more, develop and deploy it faster, and also
train additional servant leaders to develop
their skills in this area.
Audio upgrades
As we continue to meet the needs of our digital
landscape, we cannot go backwards in our
service offerings. This is particularly true in
the digital world. These upgrades will help us
to continue producing high quality services,
remain on the cutting edge of technology, and
keep taking ground all over the country.
Audio Upgrades: $30,000
Trained-Up Studio: $15,000
God has blessed us with the opportunity to not just be a local church, but also a regional church. Currently, we are
unable to respond to the number of churches and pastors who are asking for training and coaching simply
because of the volume of requests. Journey will create a leadership podcast that will be used to not only develop
our team, but also other churches across the country.
Podcast Studio: $5,000

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