Karibou Lala Land Lookbook - Flipbook - Page 4

For the love and trust in our brand.
When establishing Karibou my mission was simple: Create timeless personality-infused ‘Generational Clothing’ that your kids’ grandkids will want to wear. Not clothing that merely takes up
space in a corner of your closet somewhere. To achieve this mission I set out to create a beautiful
store where parents can easily find the perfect clothing and accessories for their 0-5 year olds.
Not long after the Karibou store was open in 2016, the Karibou brand was born. It is a brand committed to giving mums all around the world a beautiful experience of motherhood; One that gives
mums the freedom to expess their creativity, dressing their littles ones in pieces that are both
unique and timeless. Because motherhood is so special and embracing it fully is just so magical.
We are all about beautiful materials, fine craftsmanship and the focus on family, working with
small family run manufacturers. Known for our quality linens we will continue our focus on natural fully breathable fibres that are not only great for the enivornment, but are also just perfect for
those little darlings we treasure the most.
I hope you enjo the Karibou range as much as I love bringing it to you.


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