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Conferences & Progress Reports
In all conferences, parent insight and questions are important aids
to help all participants support each student. Consistent with Montessori philosophy, annual conferences orient towards the student’s
development, and are different at each level:
Primary & Lower Elementary conferences include the parent(s)
and Guide and focus on the child’s adjustment and progress in their
learning environment. During the final year of Lower Elementary,
conferences may also include the child.
Upper Elementary conferences often include the child as students
begin to assess and describe their own progress. Guides comment in
places where their insights can contribute, and parents are asked to
support this level of independence in their child by affirming their
efforts to be transparent.*
MAC conferences are led by the adolescent student.* These are often
more comprehensive and may include the student’s work, their social and community involvement, as well as a self-assessment of their
progress. Again, teachers comment where appropriate and parents are
encouraged to support the ownership the student takes of their education.
Administrative staff is always available to assist if needed.
*If a separate conference with the guide is desired, please call the school or
email the guide to make this request.
Annual Progress Reports
Progress reports contain narrative information on the student in the
classroom, and follow the fall and spring conference times. A full
progress report will be made to parents at the end of the school year.


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