Student & Family eBook - Page 18

Student Rights & Responsibilities
• Students have the right to contribute to their own educational plan, the
classroom, the school, and the community.
• Students are expected to help maintain a clean and orderly learning environment and to treat all others at the school with kindness and respect.
• Students have the right to a stimulating and academically challenging
learning environment. Students are responsible for taking advantage of the
opportunities presented to them and making the most of their classroom time.
• Students have the right to a safe learning environment. Students are respon-
sible for helping to create safety in their classroom and school. Students who
feel unsafe in any situation are to consult with their classroom teacher to find
a resolution. Students may seek the assistance of their parents and school administrators in resolving emotional and physical safety issues.
• Students have the right to behave socially in the learning environment. Stu-
dents are encouraged to form friendships with schoolmates and participate in
activities with them outside of school hours. Social activities and planning may
not disrupt classroom and educational activities. Classroom teachers and administrators will encourage and facilitate appropriate social activity at school.
• Students have the right to express personal opinions and to be free from
discrimination or harassment based on personal beliefs and affiliations.
Students are responsible for expressing these opinions in a respectful manner
that does not infringe on the rights of other students or disrupt the learning
• Students have the right to refuse to participate in political or other activities
that violate their personal beliefs, so long as this is done in a peaceful and
non-disruptive manner.
• If a student or parent objects to instructional materials on the basis of reli-
gious or ethical grounds, the student or parent may request alternative educational materials from the teacher that meet similar educational goals.
• Students have the right to form clubs or groups or hold meetings on school
property so long as they do not disrupt classroom or school activities. Meetings
must be pre-approved by administrators and supervised by an approved staff
member or parent volunteer.


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