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Student Health & Safety
Food From Home
Proper nourishment is important to a child’s general health and concentration. Because children have different sensitivities to ingredients
in food, we serve whole, unprocessed foods, and use as many certified
organic ingredients as possible. We also encourage parents to provide
nutritious and plentiful food for their child when they bring lunch
from home.
Research indicates problems associated with sugary processed foods
consumed by students. These substances may create or aggravate difficulties with concentration and self-management. This is not consistent with the aims of education or the philosophy of our school.
We therefore ask that lunches sent from home be free
of sugar and processed food, as well as foods that contain high amounts of chemicals (such as juice boxes, most
prepackaged snack foods, fruit chews, etc.), and to include as
many fresh ingredients as possible for your student.
The Montessori philosophy includes eating meals and snacks as a
community, accompanied by lessons in Grace & Courtesy. Students
are encouraged to pack their own healthy snacks and lunches, or to
participate in the school lunch program.
The school provides free snack during morning work time, including choices for those with dietary restrictions. View the menu, apply
for NSLP, and pay lunch fees online through School Cafe. For more
information on the food prepared by the school, see the School Food
Program, page 31.


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