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Behavior & Incidents
Student Discipline Policy
Lewis & Clark Montessori holds students accountable to high standards of behavior. These standards apply to behavior both on and
off campus for school sponsored activities. For optimal learning to
occur, the classroom and campus atmosphere must be physically and
psychologically safe. Below is a non-inclusive list defining incidences
requiring intervention and consequences.
Definition Behavior that shows disrespect for persons or property, or
disrupts the positive activity of individuals in the group.
Examples Interrupting work, annoying others, high vocal volume,
lack of motivation to work, disruption of class, excessive noise or
movement on the bus.
• Staff person redirects child towards appropriate work.
• Teacher discusses the problem with parent by phone or in person,
as necessary.
• Teacher records incidents as they occur, as documentation for possible further disciplinary action should it become necessary.
Possible consequences may include
• Verbal redirection.
• Giving the child an assigned seat for a short period of time.
• Requiring the child to repair minor damage to the environment.
• Constructive direction at the beginning of each day.
• Sending work home to complete (Elementary).
• Restriction of certain freedoms or loss of privilege.


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