Student & Family eBook - Page 26

Definition Single incident or recurring behavior that results in willful
defiance, property destruction, or hurting others.
Examples Refusal to do work, biting, hitting or kicking, temper tantrums, throwing objects, willful damage to materials or property, teasing and bullying, insolence, profanity, refusal to listen to and/or obey
supervising adult, leaving the school grounds without permission,
problematic behaviors on the bus.
• Immediate intervention by the supervising adult.
• Discussion with Director of Education for next course of action.
• Documentation of the incident.
• In the event of hurtful behavior, property damage, vandalism, or
other behavior deemed to be more serious, a conference will be
scheduled with an administrator, teacher and parents.
Possible consequences may include
• The student may be assigned a place in the classroom for an extended time.
• The student may be removed from the classroom.
• The student may lose privileges or freedoms.
• The family may be asked to replace damaged material.
• The parent(s) may be immediately involved amending the situation through obtaining services with other professionals.
• The student may be sent home for the day or for a more extended
• A behavior plan may be created, involving the parents.
• Repeated infractions may result in expulsion from the school.


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