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Peer-to-Peer Agression
Behavior that involves peer-to-peer aggression, or what is often called
bullying, is taken very seriously. Lewis & Clark Montessori created a
program with a set of procedures catered to each plane of development for consistency in handling peer to peer aggression.
This program is based on the understanding that aggression towards
peers from children is often an experiment with power or a misguided
expression of frustration. Learning more effective and peaceful ways
to get needs met is the goal of this program. The procedures involve
consequences, conversations with teachers and administrators, and
communication with parents.
To learn more about this program, parents are strongly encouraged to
talk with their child’s teacher, the Director of Education and to attend
an Information Event on the topic of Discipline at Lewis & Clark
Montessori which is offered each year.
Adult Behavior
Lewis & Clark Montessori holds staff, parents and other adults to the
same high standards of behavior and conduct to which we hold our
students. This is consistent with the Montessori philosophy that freedom to choose an action indicates responsibility for the consequences
of the outcome.
A set of basic policies and consequences have been established pertaining to the Lewis & Clark Montessori adult community. All adults
involved with the school are expected to follow the outlined behavior
policies, as well as be responsible for ethical behavior in regard to the
school, its employees, Board, students, and families.
• direct and open communication
• respect and honesty
• preserving the integrity and dignity of all involved


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