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Lewis & Clark Montessori requires parents to abide by its policies
on ethical, safe and respectful conduct. Conduct such as offensive or
profane language, harassment, disruption or bullying, threatening behavior, verbal abuse, or physical violence will lead to consequences
imposed by the school.
In addition, such conduct as breaching confidentiality or the privacy
of staff, children, families, or Board members, or compromising the
business of the school in any way through actions such as slander,
defamation of character, spreading rumors or gossip, or disrespecting
established lines of communication and grievance, will lead to consequences imposed by the school.
The consequences employed for students are obviously not appropriate for adults. The consequences for any adults, including parents,
who violate these policies include:
First Occurrence
A meeting with the Executive Director and/or Board Chair to discuss appropriate communication and action. A verbal warning may
be given. If a meeting is not possible, a letter will be issued to the
individual(s), explaining the school’s policies and acceptable behavior.
The individual will be asked to discontinue the disruptive behavior.
Second Occurrence
The individual(s) will be asked to leave the premises. Any staff member who witnesses or is the subject of inappropriate behavior has the
authority to ask the adult to leave. This applies to the premises of
off-campus school activities as well. If the adult refuses to leave, the
police or sheriff’s department will be contacted to remove the person.
In the case of gossip, slander or defamation, legal action may be initiated.


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