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Third Occurrence
The individual(s) will be banned from further contact with Lewis &
Clark Montessori. If the individual is a parent with enrolled children,
the adult will be issued a letter of termination of their child’s enrollment in the school. Further legal action may be taken to prohibit any
contact with Lewis & Clark Montessori, the Board, or its employees.
Accidents and Injuries
If a student is involved in an accident or in some way gets injured
while at school, steps will be taken appropriate to the level of injury.
All Lewis & Clark Montessori staff is required to be CPR/First Aid
certified and are qualified to deal only with minor injuries.
Parents will be informed of any injury as quickly as possible, and an
incident report will be filed. At the discretion of the staff dealing with
the emergency, appropriate emergency services may be contacted.
Required Reports to Law Enforcement
The State of Oregon mandates that all school personnel having reasonable cause to believe that any student has suffered abuse or neglect,
or that any adult has abused a student, must report this information to
the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program (CWP)
or a local law enforcement agency.
Staff members may or may not inform parents of such reports. School
staff will cooperate with investigations of child abuse and ongoing
interventions being conducted by CWP or a law enforcement agency.
Violations of the school’s rules related to guns and dangerous weapons, vandalism, or the intentional or reckless destruction of school
property, coercion, assault, or threats must be reported to the police.
A school official may inform the appropriate law enforcement agencies when a student is suspected of committing other illegal acts on
the school campus or at a school-sponsored activity.


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