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Financial Matters
As a public charter school, Lewis & Clark Montessori does not charge
tuition for grades K-8. However, modest tuition is charged for the
Primary children under 5 years old, and there are other fees associated
with student participation.
Our program depends on the promptness of fee payments. Enrollment is predicated on assumption of this responsibility. A Montessori
Resource Fee of $350 per student per year ($400 for MAC) covers
student supplies and Montessori Materials for the year.
The fee may be spread out into 10 monthly payments by filling out
a Direct Payment Authorization form. Supplies then belong to the
classroom and are shared by all students, consistent with the Montessori model. Expenses for field trips or special events are charged as the
occasion arises.
Financial Assistance
Lewis & Clark Montessori policy states that if a family has qualified
for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program (NSLP), whether or
not they choose to receive lunch service, they also qualify for reduced
school fees. Please inquire at the office for details.
Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch may request reduction for routine expenses throughout the year. These expenses include
Montessori Resource fees, field trip fees, and other incidental educational expenses required for full participation in the child’s classroom
No family or child shall feel limited in school participation due to
financial resources. Financial Assistance forms are available in the
school office.


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