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Academics & Beyond
Lewis & Clark Montessori prepares children to confidently take their
places in the world, equipped with a life-long passion for learning and
the highest standards of personal and community responsibility.
We support each child’s joyful quest for knowledge and understanding through a curriculum that emphasizes excellence in independent
and collaborative learning.
By encouraging stewardship, respect and compassion for all, we cultivate the seeds of a just and peaceful future.
Artes Vitae & Communitas
In order to thrive, life demands skills and functions of us that go
beyond academic learning. The umbrella term for these traits is Life
Skills, the first of our school’s two mottos: Artes Vitae.
Montessori education is meticulously designed to foster the complete
social, emotional, mental, and even physical skillsets a person needs
to meet life in all of its opportunities and challenges. While teaching
academic subjects is certainly a big part of this preparation, cultivating
resiliency, problem solving, and strong interpersonal intelligence have
proven to be much greater markers of personal success throughout
We live in a network of communities – from our own households to
the global community – and contributing to and benefiting from the
communities around us helps us to feel satisfaction and worth in our
place in the world. This essential need describes our school’s second
motto: Communitas.
Work at our school is community-driven from the earliest stages, and
the concept continues to guide graduates of our program into the
deeper choices they will encounter in their lives.


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