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Our teachers also adhere to Oregon’s Common Core Standards
(CCSS) for academic achievement. While the Common Core is not
the driving motivation behind what or how children learn at Lewis
& Clark Montessori, it is our responsibility to see that our students
achieve the same standard of academic readiness as all other Oregon
students. State assessments are administered to Lewis & Clark students to ensure they are meeting or exceeding Oregon standards.
Field Trips and Off-Campus Activities
Classroom guides and students plan field trips, off-campus activities,
and ‘going out’ trips for students that correspond with classroom curriculum. Parents are notified well in advance of such activities and
permission slips are required for each student. Permission slips for
each off-campus trip must be signed and returned to the teacher prior
to the activity.
Students who do not have parental permission to leave campus or
who, in the judgment of the teacher, do not meet the behavioral expectations of the activity, or who choose not to participate, will remain on campus. They are expected to attend school with an alternate
classroom placement and assigned work.
School Food Program
Lewis & Clark Montessori offers a comprehensive food service, including hot lunch and a complimentary morning snack. Vegetarian,
gluten-free and and dairy-free options are available at all meals. Student cost for lunch is $4.50 per lunch for all grade levels ($5 for Dietary Restrictions and adults). Milk is included with meals.
Reduced price or free lunch is available to families who meet the federal income requirements for the National School Lunch Program
(NSLP). For more information, contact the Food Services team.


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