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Parent Role
Parent Education Opportunities
Montessori education differs in many ways from other educational philosophies, and well-informed families are vital to each child’s
growth and success here. Lewis & Clark Montessori works to ensure
that resources are available to facilitate coordination between home
and school.
Parent education events are held throughout the year and are publicized as they approach.These events may include workshops, guest
speakers, school-wide or classroom meetings, and conferences.
Classroom guides will stay in touch via email to keep parents informed
of classroom activities and offer insight into learning. In addition, the
school maintains a selection of relevant books and other materials for
parent education.
All families commit to volunteering with the school for a minimum
of 40 hours per year as part of the enrollment process. This commitment can be met in many ways, such as making classroom materials,
chaperoning field trips, assisting with events and fundraisers, helping
in the kitchen, or by making a financial donation.
A list of current volunteer needs is included in the weekly news,
and guides publish classroom needs in their notes to families.
Volunteers who will work with students must consent to a background
check and fill out a confidentiality form. This protects all students.
Volunteers who will be driving students on school business (e.g. field
trips) must complete an Auto Insurance Information Form and have
a copy of current insurance and driver’s license on file with the school.
Volunteers and visitors are always asked to sign in at the office and
wear a visitor tag prior to entering classrooms.


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