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Exceptional Education
What Is Exceptional Education?
Exceptional education is instruction that is specially designed to meet
the unique needs of children who have learning differences. These
services are provided in all public schools, including Lewis & Clark
Montessori, at no cost to the parents and can include special instruction in the classroom, at home, in hospitals or institutions, or in other
This definition of exceptional education comes from IDEA: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This law gives eligible children with disabilities the right to receive special services and assistance
in school.
Services on an IEP will be provided by a Speech and Language Therapist, a Special Education Teacher, or by the general education classroom teacher, as per the IEP.
Evaluation and services for this program are provided by the school
district. Many laws and regulations apply to exceptional education
and disability services, and Lewis & Clark Montessori complies with
these standards.
If a student is exhibiting behavior that concerns a parent or guide,
they may be referred to the Student Support Team, which includes
the classroom teacher, the special education teacher, an administrator,
parent(s), and any other appropriate individuals. The team will meet
to discuss the best course of action for evaluating, accommodating
and serving the student within the regulations and options available.
When students struggle with learning in school, it’s important to understand the problem and to find solutions that give greater support
to their learning.


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