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504 Plan Accommodations
Lewis & Clark Montessori is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students free from discrimination on the basis of a student’s disability. Lewis & Clark Montessori shall fully comply with
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans
with Disabilities Act of 1990 and shall be prepared to make appropriate accommodations for students as necessary.
Who should be referred for Section 504 consideration?
Parents and teachers should refer any student who is suspected of
having a physical or mental impairment and who is believed to need
accommodations or supports to receive a free appropriate public education.
How is referral made?
A parent or teacher may begin the referral process by talking to the
school’s Administrator, or the school’s 504 coordinator. Referrals will
typically go to the Building Screening Committee. Sometimes referrals will go directly to a 504 team or a special education team.
What is a Section 504 Student Accommodation Plan?
The Plan documents the specific accommodations or supports the
student needs to ensure their individual needs are met as adequately as
the needs of a non-disabled students. The comparison is to an average
student in the general population.
The Section 504 plan is designed to provide appropriate supports, not
necessarily all the supports that would maximize the student’s potential.
The team makes an individual determination of the student’s educational needs and supports requested.
Like special education services, 504 plans must be implemented in the
least restrictive environment.


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