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English Language Learner (ELL) Services
The ELL program is implemented to identify, assess, and provide necessary educational services to all students who are speakers of another
language and are not proficient in English.
A program is designed to meet federal requirements as set forth in the
United States Supreme Court decision of Lau v. Nichols (1974), the
Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Equal Educational Opportunities
Act of 1974.
Lewis & Clark Montessori works to meet the needs of English Language Learners in the school. Its general goal is to ensure equal educational opportunities for English Language Learners.
This goal includes helping students achieve academic proficiency in
all dimensions of English (speaking, listening, reading, and writing);
attain academic achievement in all subject areas; develop a positive
self-image; promote higher order thinking skills, and function effectively within an atmosphere of respect for the native language and
culture of the students.
The programs offered to ELL students follow an English as a Second
Language (ESL) approach to address English language development.
Instruction may be given within the classroom setting, or as a pull-out
period during the day. Individualized instruction through the Montessori language materials is part of the support students receive to
access grade level content. The instruction is given by an Oregon-licensed, Montessori-trained teacher.


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