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This text summarizes the steps that must be followed in order to identify an ELL student and begin delivery of ELL services. Students may
have already been identified as needing ELL services prior to enrolling
in Lewis & Clark Montessori.
If a student is already identified as ELL by another Oregon school
district, the student can be placed directly at the same level that he/
she currently attends if an ELPA score is available via Synergy or by
contacting their former district.
If the student is transferring from out of state, the student will need
to be reassessed using GBSD’s adopted assessment (Woodcock-Muñoz
or pre-LAS) to determine his/her appropriate ELL level.
The first task of each school is to identify students who require ELL
services. Gresham-Barlow School District has developed a Home Language Survey (HLS) to assist in this process by identifying students
whose primary language is other than English.
All parents or legal guardians registering any student for the first time
in Lewis & Clark Montessori must complete a Home Language Survey as part of the registration process. When the parent or guardian
registers a new student, the school office staff shall determine which
language the parent or guardian speaks and provide the Home Language Survey form in the appropriate language.
The form is available in English and many other languages. The HLS
is placed in each student’s cumulative file. The survey consists of 5
questions regarding the student’s first language and most frequently
used language.
If the survey identifies any language other than English for any of
the questions, the attendance secretary refers the student for further
screening to the ELL service provider. If English is the only language


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