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Developmental Stages
Montessori is an education system that grew out of the profound observation of children as they grow and develop. Dr. Maria Montessori
structured her schools around the changing needs and abilities of the
child in three distinct developmental planes. Here is an overview of
these planes, as well as a synopsis of our program at each level.
For more information about our curricula, Montessori philosophy,
or our academic tools, please visit our website ( or check
out our resource materials at school. Parent education nights will also
provide deeper insight into the breadth of this remarkable pedagogy.
The Primary Program
The three Primary classrooms at Lewis & Clark Montessori include
two classes of mixed-age environments of ages 2 ½ – 6 years old, and
one class of children who turn five by September 1st of a given year.
Primary students aged 3 and 4 pay a modest tuition and have the
option of a half day or full day program. Children of Kindergarten
age are supported by state education funds, and attend for a full day.
Your child must be fully potty-trained
to attend Lewis & Clark Montessori.
In the classroom, children are presented with a wide range of experiences in a safe, prepared environment. This allows exploration of the
world through materials that give children the keys to life experiences
outside the classroom. Younger children, who are not yet able to sustain an afternoon of concentrated activities, have an opportunity to
rest and nap after lunch.
Children in this first plane of development have unique characteristics
which naturally predispose them to an exceptional ability to learn.


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