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If your child needs extra assistance getting out of the car, please park
and walk your child to the nearest staff member at the front of the
If you arrive after 8:15, park your car and walk your child into the
office to sign in. School doors will remain locked at all times, children
need an adult with them for doors to be opened.
For this reason, please do not expect to drop your child off after
8:15 without escorting them inside. This is a safety measure we insist
on following.
Once you’ve signed in, please allow a staff person to assist your child
to their classroom. This keeps noise and traffic in the commons at a
minimum and allows your child to say goodbye at the front desk. If
you have business with the office, you are welcome to drop your child
off at the curb, park, and walk in.
Students will be outside and ready to go home by 3:30 (1:15 on Fridays). Drive in along the curb and wait for a staff member to load
your child(ren) into your car.
You may then exit, watching for other cars, pedestrians, and buses,
and exit through the lower lot section. Pick up time ends at 3:45, and
remaining children are signed into Trails. Do your best to be prompt,
as it can be stressful for your child if you are late.
If the curbside pick-up line is full of cars please drive into the parking
lot and either park or circulate back into the line (flaggers will be on
hand to assist you) to prevent traffic from backing up on 232nd Drive.
Please faithfully adhere to this procedure and all flagger directions,
as creating a clog on 232nd is dangerous for everyone. The County
Sheriff notified us that people parked on the side of 232nd will be cited
upwards of $250.


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