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Over 40 years ago, in 1974, C.C. Nielsen and Svend-Aage
Nielsen acquired Micro Matic with a clear vision: to grow
the company into the world market leader in draft beer
dispensing equipment. They succeeded. Today, Micro
Matic is the global leader in the supply of keg couplers, keg
extractor valves, dispensing equipment and systems to the
brewing industry.
brewing and dispensing market. This extends from the
different requirements of different beer types to the latest
supplier and retailer regulations in every country we serve.
Our understanding of individual beer markets, working
conditions and regulatory environments enables us to
innovate the solutions our customers need to keep their
businesses competitive and robust.
Our history in the industry goes back even further than that.
We have been pioneering draft beer products, equipment
and services since 1953. Throughout that time, that is all
we have concentrated on. So the fonts you order from us
today are the expression of everything we have learned in
over 60 years of continuous experimentation, trial and error,
curiosity, product development, testing, service and support.

Privately owned Danish group

Headquartered in Odense, Denmark

Company founded in 1953

Represented worldwide

Turnover of more than € 290 Million

1200 employees
The fonts and beer-dispensing equipment we develop are
designed for hard continuous use over as many years as
you keep using them. We employ precision-milled steel and
brass components and rugged, attractive plastics. Font tops
and body branding are decorated using light-fast finishes to
ensure they keep looking good for years.
Focusing all our attention on one specific series of
applications in one specific sector – brewing – has
enabled us to pour all our resources into perfecting our
core products. Our R&D team, industrial designers and
product specialists receive constant feedback from the
people we supply and who actually work with our products
and systems on a daily basis: from major breweries to bar
chains and independent operators.
So alongside our technical and engineering expertise,
we have built up an unparalleled knowledge of the beer
In a way, It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway.
Quality is at the heart of everything we do. All innovations
aside, quality is what we have built our business on. Quality
is what our customers rely on. Because in a high-pressure,
highly competitive business like brewing and dispensing
beer, unplanned downtime is not an option.
So the next time you want to refresh the look and feel of
your fonts and PoS branding, talk to us about designing the
perfect system. No one in this business understands your
business better. Except you.

Keg extractor tubes

Point of Sales dispense fonts

Pressure regulators

Keg couplers

Python & tubing

Turnkey dispense solutions


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