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Conflict in any organization is guaranteed. How you handle it as a leader can either strengthen or
undermine a healthy work environment. Professional coaches Michael Warden and Kristina Bailey
will equip you with new skills, walk you through the different styles of conflict and when each is
beneficial (or not so helpful) to use to achieve favorable outcomes. This workshop will give you
a better understanding of disagreements and open you up to the life-changing opportunity of
handling these situations well.
Who are you really? Learn what makes you interesting through a character profile and identifying
the values of your on-air identity. Develop ways to connect your personality through bits,
discussions, and social media. Also learn to use your character profile to compliment and contrast
guests during on-air interviews.
Want to take your promos and imaging to the strategic next level? You’ll see powerful,
emotional script writing and the secret of how to take a phone call and improve the audio
quality and story sequence. In this interactive workshop, you’ll also gain ideas on how to release
new creative juices.
It is imperative for stations to create valuable, long-term relationships whether it’s with sales,
underwriting, partnerships or listeners. During this intensive workshop, we will cover many revenue
angles, starting with the Biblical approach to fundraising. We will use the CVI Assessment as a
foundation to learn more about story telling that motivates giving. Finally, we will uncover
6 1/2 steps needed to turn listeners into donors. This workshop will help commercial and
non-commercial stations alike.
How do you engage with your audience when you can’t safely leave the building? This workshop will
help you navigate the promotions landscape throughout COVID-19 and after. Learn how to build a
tribe of volunteers, the secret to working with air staff to brainstorm promotion ideas, and figure out
ways to actually execute them. This is your chance to ask questions and hear from other Promotions
Directors as we rise up to serve our listeners.
Let’s uncover ten things to impact your ratings. Learn if your music toolbelt is fully equipped,
how to find your unique competitive difference, and triple check your clock strategy and song
category sizes. Walk away with real, practical, and specific actions to take in order for you to boost
your own confidence level, as well as gaining the trust of those around you and above you. Come
prepared to interact, collaborate, learn, and grow!


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