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Driving Revenue Through Podcasting
Casey Helmick • Chief Strategist, Dunham+Company
There are now over 1,000,000 podcasts available in the marketplace. And podcasts categorized
as religious are estimated to take up nearly 10% of all programs. With so many podcasts to
compete with, how are you strategically going to drive revenue through your program(s)? In this
session, you will learn about the most used revenue practices inside podcasting and how they can
apply to your station. This session is designed to help you be more equipped to build your revenue
formula for your current or future podcasts to contribute to your overall fundraising needs.
Research 101: Putting Research to Work to Improve Your Programming
Sam Milkman • Executive Vice President, Coleman Insights
Whether you’re new to research or want to learn to use and implement it more effectively, this
session is for you. In this interactive format, attendees will take a hypothetical radio station on a
journey, during which you’ll learn: what types of research make sense and when, the time to use
perceptual research and the best times to do a music test, why putting songs into rotations strictly
based on total appeal is a terrible idea, and more. With a greater understanding of research,
you’ll be able to make clearly informed programming decisions that blend art and science.
Building a Team of Promotions Superheroes
Jerry Woods • Promotions Director, WGTS/Washington, D.C.
So, you’re a Promotions Director, and there’s a good chance that you’re all by your lonesome.
How do you go from the lone ranger to the leader of the pantheon of promotions excellence?
It’s all about relationships. In this session, you’ll learn the ins and outs of winning people over to
your cause. We’ll tackle how to recruit the jocks in your building and (gasp) even the sales staff.
You’ll also learn the secrets of building strong teams with community partners and record labels
so that everyone wants to work with you.
Making Music the Star of Your Station
Matt Stockman • Director of Programming, WAWZ/Middlesex-Somerset-Union
Since music is the number one reason listeners come to your station - how can you maximize your
music strategy to increase both time spent listening and station cume? In this session, you’ll learn
ways to quickly build familiarity for songs and artists, plus practical steps on how to spotlight new
music, ways to brand music to station values, and ideas to turn listeners into station fans for life.


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