Momentum 2020 Workbook - Page 30

steve douglass
The Future of Radio a Digital Revolution?
Radio consumption is changing. Is the future live
and local - or is it more complicated than that?
How will tomorrow’s listeners be listening and
what should we be doing to meet them? In this
provocative talk, radio futurologist James Cridland
shares learnings from some of the world’s brightest
radio companies, outlines compelling research
and asks whether we’re doing all we can to
prepare for the changes ahead.
alli worthington
Author & Business Coach
7 Keys for Email Marketing Success
We all want to be heard above the noise and get
our message out, but we live in an age where we
must compete for the attention of our audience
like never before. One thing is clear from the
research: email marketing is where the results
are. The key is developing a strategy to leverage
this powerful marketing tool to its full potential.
Alli will share the seven keys to email marketing
success and explore the research, knowledge and
practical tools you need to achieve your goals.


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