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Dimming LED Driver
PE392 Series
Shape and Size
4. Instruction
There is a purple cover in the input side,with a self-locking terminal, use a flathead screw to take up the
cover slowly,then connect the FireWireto the L terminaland the zero line to the N terminal.According to the
mark to connect the output sideplease note the Positive and Negative electrode.
Almost dimmer is one wire typeonly connect to the driver FireWire L terminal to achieve dimming.
1. Please note the input and outputconfirm the wires are right then electrify.
2. First put on the DC output terminal, confirm it is right then electrify; if it is open load please cut down
the powerwait for the electrical releasethen put on the LEDif not it will burn out the LED.
5. Abnormal phenomenon and the appropriate treatment method:
1. After instal the driver to the lighting and electrify,if the lighting not light,please cut down the AC input and
a) If the DC output connect ok or not ;
b) If the DC output positive and negative electrode connect opposite, if the LED board welded opposite;
c) If the AC input connect ok or not.
2. After instal the driver to the lighting and electrify, LED light, but the LED lights flicker, cut down the DC
inputcheck the DC output side
a) If the lighting overload, light load;
b) If the driver parameters and the actual parameters do not match.
3.When using the driver if there are questions or problems, please contact with our company in time, and
feedback to uswe will help you to solve.
6. Statement:
Pictures and specifications only for reference.


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