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health needs as part of students’
overall health. Both these policies
honour the inclusivity and diversity
that we encourage in UCT’s
community life.
Of course, a discussion about
community and mental health
must also reflect on the tragic
loss of Professor Bongani Mayosi,
former dean of the Faculty of Health
Sciences and a much-loved member
of the UCT family, who took his own
life on 27 July. It was a tragic loss
to his family and close circle, but
also to the staff and students at our
university and the broader South
African and global community.
The loss of Professor Mayosi
highlighted the complexities related
to mental health issues, which affect
many in our society. It brought home
in a very sharp and extremely painful
way that we need to care for one
another and seek help when we feel
overwhelmed. It reminds us to give
careful consideration to the many
lessons we can learn from this sad
Gender is another critical area of
transformation, and I was proud to
be able to launch three substantial
scholarships for women at a
Women’s Day luncheon event, titled
For Womxn by Womxn, on 8 August.
Focused specifically on gender
issues, these scholarships, worth up
to R1.5 million a year for five years,
are aimed at three areas of research:
Scholarship for womxn by
womxn, which focuses on areas
of study where women are underrepresented, with the long-term
goal of growing the number of
women in these areas
Scholarship for womxn by womxn
on womxn, for research in an area
that focuses on women’s issues
but can include the intersection
of gender with other marginalised
cholarship on re-imagining
gender, to support research on
transgender or nonconforming
gender issues. I trust that this
research will help Africans to
acknowledge people whose
identities are outside the gender
binaries and to recognise that
queerness is indeed African.
Gender equality and transformation
are not only academic concerns, so I


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