year in review 2018 Paperturn - Page 16

Research has long been the
cornerstone of excellence at UCT,
and we want our researchers to
keep contributing to local and global
knowledge, but we also recognise
that excellence does not rest in the
university’s research and academic
successes alone. It is also present
in our professional, administrative
support and service (PASS) staff, and
it exists across the full diversity of our
multilingual and multicultural campus
and in society. We need to draw on
the entire pool of resources available
to us – across all genders, cultures,
histories and perspectives. We strive
for sustainable excellence in the long
run. This requires that it reaches
across all UCT activities: our research;
our teaching and learning; the impact
we have on communities; the work
of our professional, administrative
support and service departments;
across the UCT plant and in all
our operations. Opening ourselves
to operating in a deeper pool of
inclusivity will contribute to authentic
and sustainable excellence.
integrity recognises that everyone
has the potential to transform and to
be excellent. It recognises that as we
ensure access from across society,
we must also ensure opportunities
for students and staff to participate
fully and have a tangible impact on
our world, to contribute to shaping
new perspectives and creating our
joint futures. Such transformation is
enriching, meaningful, sustainable,
filled with promise and will affect and
change us all.
At its core, the transformation
we strive for is characterised by
excellence. Without this excellence,
transformation has no integrity.
Equally, the sustainable excellence
we strive for is enabled and enriched
by transformation. Excellence
without transformation at its heart
will always be called into question.
Transformation characterised by
Sustainability becomes possible only
when transformation and excellence
work in tandem. True sustainability


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