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The Margaret Ann
Robinson Endowment
As Libby Page, NPLF Board member and
daughter of Margaret Ann Robinson,
recently said: “Mom was a people-person
down to her core, and she loved that the
wonderful resources of Nashville Public
Library were available to every Nashvillian.
She knew everyone in her beloved city
could find something to delight and inspire
them in the Public Library.”
Margaret Ann Robinson transformed the
Nashville Public Library for the better. For
forty years she poured her intelligence,
wit, and energy into the library, securing
its place at the heart of Nashville and
connecting with every corner of the
community. Margaret Ann served on the
library and foundation boards from her
first appointment by then-mayor Richard
Fulton in 1977 until her death in 2017.
She left an indelible mark on the Nashville
Public Library and Foundation, and we
are deeply indebted to her advocacy
and example.
“She loved that the
wonderful resources of the
Nashville Public Library were
available to every Nashvillian.”
the legacy of one of the Library’s fiercest
champions. As NPL adapts to our growing
city and its changing needs, the Endowment
will stand at the center of the library’s
support system, just as its namesake did
throughout her life.
Our community has honored Margaret
Ann’s memory with an outpouring of
generosity – within a year of its creation,
the Endowment reached its initial goal of
$1,000,000 in funding.
Margaret Ann Robinson saw the library
as a central thread in the tapestry of civil
society – it is a community institution that
connects people from all walks of life. The
Endowment honors her work and her vision,
ensuring that Nashvillians of all ages and
backgrounds have access to our greatest
civic treasure today and for years to come.
Through all the ways that NPL continues to
transform our community, Margaret Ann’s
legacy lives on in support of the library
she loved.
The Margaret Ann Robinson Endowment
was created in 2017 to carry forward
2017— 2018 ANNUAL REPORT

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