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South African trimaran Love Water featured in
the Cape Times on 21 January, after winning the
2020 Cape2Rio Yacht Race in record time. Mike
Clarke (1987O), pictured, was part of the crew that
completed the 3,600nmi (6,670km) race in just over
7 days and 22 hours, smashing the previous record of 11 days.
“Racing against another team completely transformed the experience
for us, especially a team as good as that of the Maserati Multi 70,” Mike
told us in an email, referring to the trimaran that came a close second.
“We owe a large part of our performance to the way our two boats matchraced across the ocean. When we may have eased off, we did not… neither
of us was prepared to give an inch. We wanted to break the world record
for a transatlantic crossing – and we wanted South Africa to hold that
record because the Cape2Rio is a South African event.”
The Love Water team partnered with WWF SA to raise awareness
about plastic pollution. “It was this common mission that bound us as
a team, and it was an inspiration whenever we faced adversity,” says Mike.
Bishops has a notable history in the Cape2Rio, with Gavin Muller
(1994W), David James (1993B), Damon Lyons (1993W) and Rijk Kuttel
(1993F) having all competed in 1992, while still at the College. Tony Abbott
(staff at the time) was the skipper of Carducci Bishops, with Andrew Low
(1982K) on board as first mate. Their team was then the youngest ever to
take part in the race.
Love Water in Table Bay for the start of Cape2Rio 2020.
If you’d asked people at the
turn of the century whether
they’d consider wearing cork
sneakers, they’d probably have
laughed. But when Seb Matheson
(2010M), pictured below, spoke
to John Maytham on 567 Cape
Talk in September last year, he
acknowledged how much the
world has changed in the past
two decades. We all need to
reduce our environmental
footprint, and Seb’s company,
Corks, does just that by using
cork oak to manufacture trendy
sneakers. This natural, sustainable
resource reduces the need for
plastic and chemicals, and makes
disposing of the shoes easier
once you’ve worn them to shreds.
Which will take a while, mind:
the sneakers are as lightweight,
water-resistant and durable as
the cork they’re made from –
and they look good too. Find
out more at
Concluding the ocean theme, Cameron Bellamy (2000B) has been
hogging the headlines on multiple platforms, including Times Live, since
September 2019 – first for his mad, mammoth 151km swim from Barbados
to St Lucia (the longest channel swim to date); then for being part of a
six-man team that rowed across the Drake Passage from Cape Horn to
Antarctica, an unprecedented achievement. Cameron owns a security
company in San Francisco, but endurance events are his passion, and
a way to raise funds for his charity Ubunye Challenge. See p56 for more.

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